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Web development
for online media

Nangka.dev is a small structure with a human dimension that uses 8 years of experience to accompany the media in their web projects, from their conception to their online publication.

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Development and maintenance of media sites and publication modules
Wordpress ⋅ Responsive design ⋅ Paywall
Development of editorial applications and data-visualizations
D3.js ⋅ Scrapping ⋅ Interactives maps
Development of custom web applications
Angular 2+ ⋅ Spring Boot
Deployment, optimization and system maintenance
Linux ⋅ Core Web Vitals ⋅ Backup

Our expertise

For 8 years, we have been moving heaven and earth to create the essential tools for a fluid and easy experience for everyone, both for the editor or journalist and for the reader.
We use standardized technologies to guarantee maximum independence for our clients in terms of both use and maintenance. Our developments are clean, efficient and properly documented.
We adapt to your requests with precise estimates including many options to let you choose at each step.


Clients & References

Rue89 Locaux - Mutualized development

For the three independent sites Rue89Strasbourg, Lyon and Bordeaux, we develop a theme, plugins and editorial tools Wordpress shared between the three sites. The development is therefore done only once and is automatically deployed in the three environments. A set of settings allows each site to adapt the tools to its specific needs independently.

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Rue89 Locaux - Mutualized development
Radar - Web application for monitoring municipal action

Radar - Web application for monitoring municipal action

Radar, it's the web-application of Mediacités to follow the action of city councils and metropolises. The application includes tracking election promises, digitizing and crowdsourcing decisions voted on at each city and metropolitan council to produce a structured dataset that can be used as visualizations.

Discover Radar

Municipales 2020 - Data-visualisations and Live

For the March 15 and June 28, 2020 municipal elections, we developed an interactive map system that displayed live results by municipality or by polling station. The map was updated in real time as the results came in. Rue89 Strasbourg, Rue89Lyon, Rue89Bordeaux, Marsactu and Mediacités used these maps in 16 geographic areas during election nights.
A plugin allowing to make Live articles has also been developed. This feature allows to update an article in real time, without the user having to reload the page to discover the new information published.

Municipales 2020 - Data-visualisations and Live
szenik.eu - Migration from a proprietary CMS

szenik.eu - Migration from a proprietary CMS

szenik is a bilingual cultural news website which covers the Grand-Est region. The initial site used a proprietary CMS inducing a strong dependence on the provider who ensured the maintenance. We developed a theme from a design provided and migrated all the data of the site on Wordpress, which allowed Szenik to gain independence without losing data.

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Profile Picture

Who are we?

Geoffrey Brossard | Freelance project manager and web and software developer since 2014, he created Nangka SARL in 2017 to develop the activity towards a small collective of freelancers.

Eva Guegano | As a freelance fullstack developer, she works as a back-up on integration of graphic elements and some back-office features. back-office features.

Maxime Lecoq | Freelance Wordpress developer, he intervenes punctually when the deadlines are deadlines are tight or the workload is important.



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Wherever you want, remotely or IRL.